We’re excited to announce that CZO2 WorkZone has been revealed as our best selling product, so we thought we’d explore the reasons why it’s our most popular contamination control solution.

CZ02 WorkZone can deliver many benefits that disposable peel-off mats can’t offer, making it the most sustainable choice for decontaminating wheels on the market.

CZ02 WorkZone is available in bespoke sizes, to cater for individual requirements. Having the flexibility to be produced and installed in larger sizes, WorkZone allows for more wheel rotations than standard sized alternatives (such as peel-off mats), enabling wheels to be decontaminated more thoroughly with fewer restrictions.

The use of heavy wheeled traffic has become an increasingly essential component within the daily running of production facilities, which operate strict cleanroom environments. CZ02 WorkZone is the only sustainable option that can withstand the rigours of heavy wheeled traffic (such as heavy forklifts, pallet trucks and trolleys) in a larger particle environment.


CZO2 WorkZone’s bespoke edging options will protect the Dycem mat from harsh conditions, or corrosive activity, to maximise on the product’s longevity:

• Heavy duty aluminium edging
• Food grade stainless steel edging

CZO2 WorkZone offers the ideal solution for areas which are complex in shape or construction. With the option for a wall-to-wall installation, fitted around common obstacles, you won’t have to worry about any areas being left uncovered.


Dycem_CZ02_Banners(5)This product also is available as part of a replacement program, ensuring that you get the most out of your flooring solution over a 3-5 year period. Find out more here.

Assistive products

We also offer assistive products, such as ProfilGate® cleaning grates, to further eliminate larger particulate and soiling within entrance zones.

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